CAFE 180

Mission, Vision and Values

Mission Statement


Vision statement

CAFE 180 nourishes people by serving fresh, delicious food to everyone—whether by traditional exchange or by the exchange of a person’s time and/or talents. We aim to inspire others through dignified exchanges, the encouragement of self-sufficiency, and by opening people’s hearts and minds to the hunger that exists in our community.


1. Excellence.

a. From the food we serve to the service we provide, we approach all aspects of our business with an eye on excellence.

2. Interconnection.

a. We believe all people are connected, and we all benefit from providing our neighbors with a hand up in a dignified manner.
Everyone has a seat at our table.

3. Innovation.

a. We acknowledge hunger to be an issue in our neighborhood and provide a thoughtful, sustainable way of ensuring the
nutritional needs of our neighbors are met.

4. Relationships.

a. We value the unique gifts every person has to offer, and approach every relationship with a respectful and caring nature.